Site Upgrade in Progress

Amptech Technologies Newcastle

Convergent Copper Fiber and Wireless communication technologies for business and industry.

Welcome to the Amptech website. For those of you who have visited before you will see this is not our regular site. We have commenced migrating our site from Wix over to WordPress. This will allow us to add new functionality and options for our regular visitors. Our service changed on 16 February 2017. We expect new content to be live by the end of the month. For anybody requiring service in the meantime please contact us onĀ 04888 94733.

For users seeking level II electrical work please be advised that we have discontinued our services in that area, to focus solely on communication technologies. If you need a level II electrician please contact

  • Brian Lonsdale Electrical
  • Giant Electrical
  • MH Electrical

Moving forward Amptech will be focusing on providing the best in convergent communication technologies including copper fibre and wireless solutions to customers across Newcastle the Central Coast and northern Sydney.